DOCVIT | Paraphrase

DOCVIT implies the meaning of excellent profession and unremitting pursuit. 

“DOCTOR” is the meaning of erudite, profoundness and profession as a “learned scholar” and rationality, responsibility and rescue as a “health care workers”. Just as all the word ‘DOCTOR’ indicates, we always pursue the infinite excellence based on profession in the field of legal service. “VITA” is the meaning of “life and vitality”, and it means strong DOCVIT and its unremitting pursuit. It`s full of vitality and endlessly pursues innovation, respects and expects for reform and development that meets the need of age.

History of DOCVIT 

Founded in 2003, Beijing DOCVIT Law Firm is the earliest professional scale brand law firm taking corporatization as management characteristics. In 2016, DOCVIT stepped into the era of 3.0 appropriate scale, and it was merged with Jiacheng & Taihe and Union Law Firm successively. Currently, it owns more than 50 partners and more than 200 lawyers and staffs .The offices in Shenzhen, Shanghai, Hong Kong and New York are established successively, and the national and global layout is formed gradually. DOCVIT proposes the development idea of “green law firm” in the industry for the first time, and advocates Chinese lawyer industry develops towards green, healthy, rational and innovative. Continuously we deeply practices in corporatization, professionalization, internationalization, informatization, scale and branding ,obtaining great concern and widely identification in the industry. 

Practice areas of DOCVIT 

DOCVIT always firmly believes that the profession creates core competitiveness. DOCVIT  positioned itself as a law firm that offers high-end legal service, pre-analysis legal service and strategic legal service, centers on financial capital and large-scale comprehensive project legal business. It forms six practice areas (Business Department, Dispute Resolution Department, Financial and Capital Market Department, Real Estate and Infrastructure Department,Intellectual Property Department and International Investment and International Engineering Department) and 14 legal business product lines (private equity investment and fund, National Equities Exchange and Quotations and IPO, merger and acquisition, bonds and assets management, international business, PPP, major commercial litigation, real estate development, equity expert, family office, non-performing assets, alternative dispute resolution (ADR), company compliance, human resource and employee motivation.), which builds the three-dimensional matrix business pattern.

Culture of DOCVIT 

The partners of DOCVIT own senior and excellent professional ability, constantly progressive pioneering spirit and the team spirit with sincere cooperation. We think that the lawyer is not only an occupation and career, but also a belief and responsibility. We extremely pay attention to the industry and benefits of clients, deeply research the service idea of legal profession and service, adhere to the employment concept of fully play the advantages of everyone, and practice the knowledge idea of learning, creating, sharing and transferring. DOCVIT constantly moves forward hand in hand to the beautiful vision of green law firm, happy law firm and first-class law firm . Yes, we are together!

Industrial reputation

DOCVIT belongs to council units of All China Lawyers Association and Beijing Lawyers Association and vice-chairman unit of Chaoyang Lawyers Association, and multiple lawyers are selected to the professional committees including company law, dispute resolution, private equity, M&A and reorganization, real estate, securities finance, bank trust, intellectual property and legal affairs of government of Beijing Lawyers Association, and it becomes one of the law firms with the largest number of  peoples that enter into the professional committee. Multiple lawyers win the honors, such as “Beijing Excellent Lawyer”, “National Excellent Lawyer” and “Beijing Woman Pace-Setter” successively. Part of partners hold the social posts of specially-invited proposer of People’s Government of Beijing, legal adviser of municipal and district governments, representative of NPC and CPPCC member successively due to excellent professional quality and widely social influence, and take office in social organizations, such as Chinese Economists 50 Forum, China Finance 40 Forum, CITIC Foundation for Reform and Development Studies, SEEC Research Institute, China Market Economics Society, China International Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission and Beijing Arbitration Commission.

Social responsibility

DOCVIT masters the pulse of the times, and actively implements and comprehensively propels the strategy of ruling the country by law. DOCVIT sticks to promoting the economic construction, maintaining the social equality and justice, guaranteeing the correct implementation of laws and promoting the harmonious development, and devotes to improving our socialism democratic and legal system. DOCVIT actively assumes the social responsibility, always actively supports participation in the administration and discussion of state affairs, government management and public service and other activities for many years, and successively wins the honorary titles including contribution award of UN Foundation for the Protection of Drinking Water, contribution award of Beijing Olympic Games/Paralympic Games and Beijing Legal Service Advanced Collective.

Green Legal Global Alliance

DOCVIT advocates the development idea of “green law firm” in the industry for the first time, and devotes to building the new development mode of green and healthy law firm. In addition, DOCVIT initiates the first cross-border alliance – Green Legal Global Alliance with all academic research, financial institutions, industrial entities, enterprise incubation, Internet, innovation and media and other institutes. With law as core element and the Internet as platform, depending on research institute and with international perspective, the alliance focuses on specialty, pays attention to medium, and stresses innovation, aiming at solving industry pain points, mining industry opportunities, creating industry think tank, and cultivating backbone for the industry, commits to creating a green three-dimensional legal ecosphere including law, economy, society and humanity, and builds itself to be the most valuable comprehensive legal think tank in China.