Intellectual Property Rights

Intellectual Property has always been an area developed with great focus. In this age, Docvit can provide strategic legal advice on the commercialization and protection of intellectual property rights to clients to maximize the realization of the customer's knowledge assets. At the forefront position of the market and the law, clients can rely on our first-class technology background and setting the intellectual property management, consulting and litigation as the integrated services to solve the most complex challenges encountered.

Core Service

(1) Trademark Legal Services

■ Trademark registration inquiries, application

■ Trademark opposition, review

■ Trademark legal risk prevention and control

■ Trademark renewal, change, transfer, license filing, cancellation, international filing

■ Trademark pledge, trademark auction

■ Collective trademark application, well-known trademark application

■ Trademark opposition litigation, trademark infringement litigation

(2)Patent Legal Service

■ Enterprise patent strategy program design, formulation, analysis, risk diagnosis

■ Patent research, patent R & D cooperation system establishment

■ Patent domestic applications, international filing and patent review

■ Patent invalidation application, patent protection, patent litigation

■ Patent license, pledge and transfer

(3)Copyright and Integrated Circuit Legal Service

■ Copyright and adjacency’s ownership and transfer;

■ Books, newspapers, performances, audio and video, film and television works and stage play, radio organization rights

■ Legal affairs related to database, computer software creation, use, and network communication

■ Industrial circuit layout design, registration, protection and infringement litigation

(4)Information Network, Domain name, E - commerce legal Service

■ Domain name registration and network related registration, internet communication rights litigation

■ Litigation regarding domain name cybersquatting, domain name and company name

■ Dispute Resolution regarding E-commerce

■ Other legal services related to internet copyright, database technology protection, rights management, domain names, e-commerce, etc.

(5)Franchise, chain business legal service

■ Provide advice on franchise, chain management laws and regulations and policies

■ Provide relevant legal services related to the franchise, chain management system framework

■ Due Diligence regarding Franchise / Franchise

■ Draft, modify the franchise / chain business contracts and other series of legal documents

■ Franchise business filing in the competent commercial departments

■ Disputes and trademark infringement or unfair competition disputes arising from third parties during the performance of franchise contract, chain operation contract

■ Other legal services related with franchise, chain operations

(6)Anti - unfair competition, trade secrets

■ Trademarks, well-known trademarks, names, packaging, decorating unfair competition related litigation

■ Litigation related to false propaganda

■ Restrictions on competition, overcharging unfair competition related litigation

■ Business secret protection planning

■ Business secret related to litigation

■ Other unfair competition, trade secrets related legal services