Beijing Docvit Law Firm (Docvit in short), which was established in 2003, is one of the few earliest law firms instituted as a corporation rather than partnership in China. Aimed at building a high quality law firm with professional competence, Docvit fostered innovation under its unique system of operating as a large-scale corporation. Benefited with its core-competitiveness, such as international insights and full IT application management mode, to name some of them, Docvit pursued cross-border development and established an image of high-end brand in a industrialized market.

In 2015, Docvit was ushered into a “3.0 era” of moderate-scale development, which witnessed the gradual formation of nation-wide and world-wide layout with the start-up of branch offices in Tianjin, Jinan, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Chengdu, Taiyuan, Hong Kong, London and other places in succession.

Positioning itself in high-end, ex ante and strategic legal services, Docvit consistently integrated its two core businesses, which are to serve the finance & capital area and large-scale comprehensive project, with modularization of legal services and the industrialization of the professional fields, and formed a matrix-type business pattern with cubic-structure. Docvit has long served central and state-owned enterprises, financial institutions as well as large-and-medium private enterprises, and now is one of the leading law firms in providing optimal legal services regarding private equity funds, asset management bonds, mergers and acquisitions, real estate, infrastructure, international investment, overseas listings, high-end dispute resolution and other areas.

Docvit pays great attention to the social responsibility. It has served in all kinds of entities for a long time, for example, taking post as executive member for Chinese Economists 50 Forum and China Finance 40 Forum, which are high-end think-tanks in China. Docvit also acts as executive member, supervisor or just a member in the following organizations: Insurance Asset Management Association of China, China Chamber of International Commerce, China International Contractors Association, National Association of Financial Market Institutional Investors, China Urban Operation Alliance, Beijing Venture Captial & Innovation Service Alliance. It is worthy to mention that Docvit has participated in many research works and performed functions in research institutions such as China Market Economics Society of Party School of the CPC Central Commitee, CITIC Foundation for Reform and Development Studies, SEEC Research Institute etc. Many of its senior officers or partners have long served as deputies to people's congresses and CPPCC members at various levels, and have been arbitrators in arbitration commissions such as China International Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission, Beijing Arbitration Commission in many consecutive years.

Docvit has always attached great importance to the public and academic contribution. At the end of 2016, as the main sponsor of Green Legal Global Alliance (GLGA), spotlighting on the cross-border development, to make a commitment to creating green-cubic law ecosystem, Docvit has established eight institutions for the research on the New Momentum, Law and Regulations for the Development of China’s Economy, “Road and Belt” and International Exchange & Cooperation, Finance and Capital Market, Corporate Compliance and Risk Control, Bankruptcy and Non-Performing Assets and so on.

Docvit successively released Legal Health Index Reports on Private Equity Industry, Insurance Industry and A-share Listed Central Enterprises and Blue Book of Non-Performing Assets in China 2018, those reports and monograph have drawn great attentions from the specialists in the industry.

DOCVIT has matured its business over the years serving its customers and has won much praises from in and out the industry. Docvit has earned many medals over the years, such as the “Special Contributions” awarded by the NationalBar Association, “Beijing Outstanding Law Lirm”, “Excellent Law Firm in Chaoyang District”, “ALB 2016 Asian TOP 10 Law Firms”, “Grand Prize for Annual Outstanding Law Firms 2018” by the “Commercial Law Magazine” , “Growing Law Firm of the Year 2018” on the Guike Annual Meeting etc, which proved Docvit one of the most lauded law firm in China.

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Industry Research
  • Legal Health Index Report on National Private Equity Industry
    The purpose of this report is to provide insights into legislation, regulation, and justice in the form of private equity industry indices. As the first legal cross-border alliance which takes the law as the core element, research institute as the support, the Internet as the platform, and the internationalization as the vision, Green Legal Global Alliance (GLGA) has been concerned about the ways in which legislation, regulation and justice will affect the private placement industry. Up to now, the volume of private equity funds has grown to the same level as public funds, and its development speed is so rapid.
  • 2018 Blue Book of Legal Health of China's Insurance Industry
    2018 Blue Book of Legal Health of China's Insurance Industry includes Part I Legal Health Index Report on Insurance Industry and Part II Special Legal Report on Insurance Industry. Among which, the Legal Health Index Report on Insurance Industry is the second report issued by Green Legal Global Alliance (GLGA) after it successfully issued the first Legal Health Index Report on Insurance Industry in 2018. The index can comprehensively and intuitively reflect the overall legal health status of the insurance industry in the past three years.
  • Legal Health Index Report on National Insurance Industry (2015 - 2017)
    Legal Health Index Report on National Insurance Industry (2015 - 2017) is compiled by Green Legal Global Alliance (GLGA), with the Beijing Docvit Law Firm as the professional support unit. Under the guidance of an external team of experts, it is one of the series of research topics in the legal health index report of capital market industry. In 2017, Green Legal Global Alliance (GLGA) successfully released its first research achievement of the series of research projects in the legal health index report on capital market industry, that is the Legal Health Index Report on Private Equity Industry. Report on Insurance Industry Legal Health Index is the second research result of this research topic.
Chronicle of Events
Beijing DOCVIT Law Firm, established in 2003, is the first professional scale branded law firm in China with corporate management as its characteristics. In the course of more than ten years of development, DOCVIT experienced 1.0 corporatization phase, 2.0 specialization phase, and now has entered 3.0 scale expansion phase.