Interpretation of the Company's System
  • Inspiration: A Good Law Firm shall be Able to Run like the Portuguese football team without Cristiano Ronaldo2017-07-12
    In the morning of July 11, the European Cup came to an end. Although its best player Cristiano Ronaldo left the field due to injury in the first half, Portuguese team still defeated French team at the last moment and won its first European Cup championship. To be honest, the championship of Portuguese team relied on some luck. But, it is an indisputable fact that it protected its goal well within 109 minutes, and grasped the opportunity. Portuguese team won the game owing to their teamwork, systematic operation and persistence, rather than the conservatism of French team. I’m not a professional football commentator. I don’t intend to, and am not able to, discuss the technique and tactics of Portuguese team. However, I want to discuss the management of a law firm based on this interesting event that Portuguese team still wins the champion after losing Cristiano Ronaldo. It seems that there is no relation between these two things. I just use it as an example, and you can deem it as my inspiration in this football night.
  • How Big Is the Gap Between the Law Firm under Corporatization (Corporate System) and Traditional Commission Law Firms? | Basic Interpretation of the Corporatization (Corporate System) of Law Firms (VI)2016-07-01
    Recently, most people have asked the same question while discussing the law firm management mode with their peers: What is the difference between the law firms under corporate system and traditional commission law firms on earth? We thought that they were two distinct mechanisms. We also thought that it was a topic that does not need to be discussed. However, after careful thinking, we suddenly found that we got involved in some misunderstandings at the beginning and that it was not so easy to answer this question.
  • Some Misunderstanding Concerning the Corporatization (Corporate System) of Law Firm | Basic Interpretation of the Corporatization (Corporate System) of Law Firm (V)2016-06-22
    After the successive discussions on the issues, such as understanding, the main symbol, development stage and the reasons for selection of the corporatization (corporate system) of law firms, I’d like to exchange some misunderstandings concerning the corporatization (corporate system) of law firms with you this time. This topic is sensitive and practical. Originally, people are exploring the corporatization (corporate system) of law firms and different people have different opinions, and there is still no authoritative conclusion or fixed pattern, so it is far from misunderstanding strictly. However, I always feel that some viewpoints and understandings have already imprisoned our innovation ideologically and even deviated from the essence of affairs. A thing cannot be clarified until we speak it out, so let's just say it and consider it as a discussion. On this issue, Mr. LIU Yaotang once wrote Several Misunderstandings in the Corporatization of Law Firms That Need to Be Clarified and made an in-depth and incisive analysis. I quite agree with his opinion in the article. In this article, I would like to say some more points from another angle.
  • Why do we choose the corporatization (the corporate system)? | Basic Interpretation of the Corporatization (Corporate System) of Law Firm (IV)2016-06-22
    Whatever mechanism it selects, a law firm will never avoid two factors, i.e., lawyers and clients. Only when it has considered these two factors and truly met the demand of these two groups, finding a balance point, it can be deemed as the best mechanism. This Article tries to analyze why the law firm selects the corporate system from such two perspectives.
  • Manifestation Level and Development Stage of the Corporatization (Corporate System) of Law Firm | Basic Interpretation of the Corporatization (Corporate System) of Law Firm (III)2016-06-22
    In the lawyer industry, a lot of people talk about corporatization and carry out it. There is various and even dazzled forms of the corporatization of law firm. but, to sum up, there are three forms below.
  • Main Features and Symbols of the Corporatization (Corporate System) of Law Firm | Basic Interpretation of the Corporatization (Corporate System) of Law Firm (II)2016-06-22
    It does not matter how the corporatization (corporate system) of law firm is defined literally, and the key is its core characteristics and signs. Understanding the characteristic and symbol of the corporatization (corporate system) of law firm is not only the starting point from which we recognize this issue, but also the base on which we will discuss this issue in the future.
  • What does the corporatization (corporate system) of law firm mean? | Basic Interpretation of the Corporatization (Corporate System) of Law Firm (I)2016-06-22
    As is known to all, according to the current Law on Lawyers, there are only three forms of organization in China's law firms, including state-owned law firm, partnership law firm, and individual law firm. There is no corporate system. So, what does the corporatization of law firm or even corporate system of law firm mean? Some people think that the corporatization of law firm is to operate the law firm as a company instead of a partnership; Some people think that the corporatization of law firm is to adopt a point-counting system to allocate or abandon the commission system; Others believe that the corporatization of law firm is to adopt capital cooperation rather than personal cooperation; Even some people think that the corporatization of law firm itself is a pseudo-proposition that is not worth discussion, and so on. This is a question that needs to be clarified.

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Professional Interpretation
  • How to deal with the failures to fulfill duty of diligence?2021-10-25
    Both party A and party B are shareholders of company a, with a accounting for 30% of the shares and B for a state-owned enterprise holding company, accounting for 50% of the shares. Mr. Li is a director appointed by company B to company a, and also the head of financial department of company A. At the beginning of 2021, party A learned that there was still 1 million yuan of capital contribution of company B due but not paid in, and Mr. Li never called on company B according to his duty when he clearly learned that company B did not fulfill his obligation of capital contribution. In addition, Li used his authority to change the management authority of company A's office system, adjust the relevant processes and procedures of the company's internal management, and put pressure on the employees without reason, resulting in the failure of company A's normal operation for three consecutive months. In view of Li's behavior, how should company a and shareholders a protect the rights and interests of the company and themselves?
  • Voting rights can be restricted if shareholders fail to invest?2021-08-24
    In recent years, the competition for corporate control has become more and more intense. The form of competition is no longer confined to the background, but gradually moved to the stage. In order to fight for corporate control, the disputes about the representation of corporate will caused by the internal power struggle in commercial cases are increasing. Voting right has also become the focus of contention among shareholders. If they fail to fulfill the obligation of capital contribution on schedule, there are serious differences among shareholders about whether their voting right can be limited. In the absence of special provisions in the articles of association, should shareholders vote according to the proportion of paid in capital contribution or the proportion of subscribed capital contribution?
  • How to solve the deadlock caused by shareholders' contradiction?2021-07-27
    Party A, Party B and Party C established company a in 2008, holding 51%, 45% and 4% shares respectively. In 2018, due to policy adjustment, the main business of company a could not continue to operate. Party A, Party B and Party C held shareholders' meetings on the transformation and development direction of company a for many times, but Party A and Party B could not reach an agreement. Up to now, the development of the company has been stagnant, How can companies get out of trouble?
Business Area
  • Since its establishment, DOCVIT has taken the corporate governance as its basic business area. With rich experiences, DOCVIT has provided long-term legal services for large and medium-sized state-owned enterprises, private enterprises, foreign invested enterprises, government departments and other clients. Relying on excellent and exquisite professional skills and serious and pragmatic professional accomplishments, DOCVIT’s corporate governance team has provided high quality and efficient legal services for clients and has won the recognition from industry and praise from wide range of clients.
  • As one of the basic business areas of DOCVIT, during the period of more than ten years, the legal service of dispute resolution has developed gradually from the traditional litigation and arbitration into comprehensive, professional and high-quality legal services including commercial dispute resolution, financial litigation and investigation. The dispute resolution team of DOCVIT has rich experiences in full agency of litigation and arbitration cases as well as handling emergencies. It can provide constructive and feasible solutions for complex disputes and minimize the cost of dispute resolution for clients.
  • Various PE, securities issuance and listings, M&As and other financial and capital market legal services are the core businesses of DOCVIT. After more than ten years of efforts, DOCVIT has formed a capital market legal service system containing various PE businesses as the core business together with other legal services for securities issuance and IPO, refinancing of listed companies, M&As and reorganization, equity transactions, new OTC market, asset management and financial derivatives.
  • DOCVIT has extensive experiences in legal services in the fields of infrastructure, real estate, energy and others. Over the years, DOCVIT has been providing legal services for social infrastructure, transportation, communication and information, oil and gas, water and environmental protection, energy and power and other projects, especially has obvious professionl advantages in BOT, BT, PPP and other engineering urban infrastructure financing and has won the outstanding market reputation.
  • Intellectual property has been a key business area for DOCVIT. Along with the rapid development of the information age, DOCVIT has been providing strategic legal advices from the concept to the commercialization and protection of intellectual property to maximize the realization of clients' intellectual property. At the cutting edge of market and legal development, clients can rely on our first-class technology background and integrated services pertaining to intellectual property management, consulting and litigation to solve the most complex challenges.
  • DOCVIT owns a team engaging in and specialized in overseas investment as its main business, and all the members of such team are graduates from domestic or foreign famous law schools, and most of them have working experiences in European and American law firms. They are familiar with cross-border merger and acquisition laws and practices, and they can use fluent Chinese and English to provide all-round, multi-level and professional legal services according to the needs of clients.
  • DOCVIT has outstanding performances in competition and anti-monopoly businesses, and it has provided extensive and profound legal services for domestic and foreign clients. As a key business, DOCVIT has developed a sophisticated service system and top tier service content. With deep theoretical foundation and rich practical experiences, DOCVIT’s competition and anti-monopoly business team provides clients with effective solutions by virtue of its superb professional skills in many large-scale competition and anti-monopoly cases.
  • The tax law business of DOCVIT is in a leading position among Chinese law firms. DOCVIT’s tax lawyers team has professional and systematic knowledge of Chinese and international tax laws in respect of tax arrangement and family wealth management services. In addition, they are proficient in corporate law, banking law, foreign investment law, securities law and laws related to real estate and fund, and they also have international law firm working experiences and are specialized in dealing with all kinds of complex tax matters. They have a wide range of influence and good reputation among industries and clients.
Industry Research
  • 2018 Blue Book of Legal Health of China's Insurance Industry
    2018 Blue Book of Legal Health of China's Insurance Industry includes Part I Legal Health Index Report on Insurance Industry and Part II Special Legal Report on Insurance Industry. Among which, the Legal Health Index Report on Insurance Industry is the second report issued by Green Legal Global Alliance (GLGA) after it successfully issued the first Legal Health Index Report on Insurance Industry in 2018. The index can comprehensively and intuitively reflect the overall legal health status of the insurance industry in the past three years.
  • Legal Health Index Report on National Private Equity Industry
    The purpose of this report is to provide insights into legislation, regulation, and justice in the form of private equity industry indices. As the first legal cross-border alliance which takes the law as the core element, research institute as the support, the Internet as the platform, and the internationalization as the vision, Green Legal Global Alliance (GLGA) has been concerned about the ways in which legislation, regulation and justice will affect the private placement industry. Up to now, the volume of private equity funds has grown to the same level as public funds, and its development speed is so rapid.
  • Legal Health Index Report on Listed Companies among Central SOE (A-shares)
    Legal Health Index Report on Listed Companies among Central SOE (A-shares) is the first index report on the health development of listed companies among central SOE (A-shares) in the market with legal health-oriented and judging criteria. It is the first index report on listed companies among central SOE (A-shares) with public welfare and academic nature launched by a third party, and it is an innovative measure for researching and evaluating the listed companies among central enterprises (A-shares) as a new perspective.
Brand Activity
Three-year Strategy
  • 【Branch Strategy】
    Docvit's branch strategy adheres to the corporate collectivized system, emphasizes the separation of the headquarters and Beijing Office, promotes multi-center concept, committing to building a true lawyer development platform for lawyers in the sense of the country and the world.
  • 【Business Partner Strategy】
    Business partners are the core kinetic energy in Docvit's future development. We advocate the team system business for partners and set up the Operation Department, the Business Department or the Division, to form a development cooperation mode focusing on both people and the profession.
  • 【Future Partner Strategy】
    We have developed a comprehensive talent selection strategy, talent development strategy and talent promotion strategy for young lawyers, established five major paths, i.e. setting up special funds, playing roles in front, setting up green ladders, promoting teams led by masters and external learning exchanges, and adopted relevant supporting incentives, etc., to train future partners.
Fellow Program
  • 【Fellow Program I】
    With the launch of the "Fellow Program", Docvit hopes to unite with the like-minded lawyers of the country to build a career platform and realize their career dreams together. "Fellow Program I" aims to recruit partners, business partners and executive directors for the Docvit Branch in China.
  • 【Fellow Program II】
    "Fellow Program II" aims to recruit partners and lawyers for Docvit Headquarters and Beijing Office across the country and around the world to become what the industry, Docvit itself, market and clients want.
  • 【Fellow Program III】
    "Fellow Program III" aims to recruit partners for national branches of Docvit nationwide and globally. Docvit's national and global development blueprints require more partners to draw together, and let us work together to create a respectable law firm.