Newly Developed Product Lines
  • Product Line of Central SOE Compliance Legal Business
    Docvit is committed to serving large central SOEs and SOEs. After more than a decade, it has accumulated abundant experience in serving central SOEs and SOEs in domestic and international legal affairs. With many years of service experience in real estate, construction engineering, transportation, power industry, capital market and other infrastructure and financial service industries, the team is familiar with the operation management and the operation mode of central SOEs, capable of accurately grasping the demand for legal services of central SOEs, and provide high-quality legal services for compliance management of central SOEs.
  • Product Line of Private Equity Dispute Resolution Legal Business
    Docvit Law Firm provides all-round and integrated dispute resolution services for the civil, criminal and administrative disputes that may arise from private equity.
  • Product Line of Bond Default Legal Business
    As bond default involves many subjects, including issuers, bondholders, underwriters and trustees, Docvit provides professional and accurate legal services to resolve bond default disputes based on different service objects.
  • Insurance Fund Legal Product Line
    Along with the development of the insurance funds investment industry are the risks and challenges that cannot be overlooked, which determines that the legal service of insurance funds investment will develop towards a more professional and efficient direction. As a branded law firm with financial capital and large-scale comprehensive project legal business as its core, Docvit's professional insurance funds investment service team will make the utmost of its professional advantages, gradually integrate market resources and strengthen team building, to provide more professional, efficient and mature legal services for the insurance funds investment industry and promote the standardized development of the insurance funds investment industry.
  • Product Line of International Businesses and Foundation Engineering Legal Business
    During decades of development, Docvit has fostered its own characteristics among domestic law firms in the key development of cross-border legal service market, and it has accumulated plentiful legal service experience in commercial legal businesses, including resolution of domestic and foreign disputes, overseas listing, international M&A and international engineering, corporate governance, overseas investment in China, due diligence, family office business and international financing. In the process of internationalization, our international service quality is highly recognized and deeply trusted by clients at home and abroad, and we have a unique understanding of overseas culture and thinking mode, which lays a solid foundation for us to provide truly first-class cross-border legal services for clients at home and abroad. With the international vision and high-level professionals as the foundation, the International Business Department of Docvit helps clients avoid cross-border transaction risks and achieve their investment goals, and it is proud of this.

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