Business Area
  • Since its establishment, DOCVIT has taken the corporate governance as its basic business area. With rich experiences, DOCVIT has provided long-term legal services for large and medium-sized state-owned enterprises, private enterprises, foreign invested enterprises, government departments and other clients. Relying on excellent and exquisite professional skills and serious and pragmatic professional accomplishments, DOCVIT’s corporate governance team has provided high quality and efficient legal services for clients and has won the recognition from industry and praise from wide range of clients.
  • As one of the basic business areas of DOCVIT, during the period of more than ten years, the legal service of dispute resolution has developed gradually from the traditional litigation and arbitration into comprehensive, professional and high-quality legal services including commercial dispute resolution, financial litigation and investigation. The dispute resolution team of DOCVIT has rich experiences in full agency of litigation and arbitration cases as well as handling emergencies. It can provide constructive and feasible solutions for complex disputes and minimize the cost of dispute resolution for clients.
  • Various PE, securities issuance and listings, M&As and other financial and capital market legal services are the core businesses of DOCVIT. After more than ten years of efforts, DOCVIT has formed a capital market legal service system containing various PE businesses as the core business together with other legal services for securities issuance and IPO, refinancing of listed companies, M&As and reorganization, equity transactions, new OTC market, asset management and financial derivatives.
  • DOCVIT has extensive experiences in legal services in the fields of infrastructure, real estate, energy and others. Over the years, DOCVIT has been providing legal services for social infrastructure, transportation, communication and information, oil and gas, water and environmental protection, energy and power and other projects, especially has obvious professionl advantages in BOT, BT, PPP and other engineering urban infrastructure financing and has won the outstanding market reputation.
  • Intellectual property has been a key business area for DOCVIT. Along with the rapid development of the information age, DOCVIT has been providing strategic legal advices from the concept to the commercialization and protection of intellectual property to maximize the realization of clients' intellectual property. At the cutting edge of market and legal development, clients can rely on our first-class technology background and integrated services pertaining to intellectual property management, consulting and litigation to solve the most complex challenges.
  • DOCVIT owns a team engaging in and specialized in overseas investment as its main business, and all the members of such team are graduates from domestic or foreign famous law schools, and most of them have working experiences in European and American law firms. They are familiar with cross-border merger and acquisition laws and practices, and they can use fluent Chinese and English to provide all-round, multi-level and professional legal services according to the needs of clients.
  • DOCVIT has outstanding performances in competition and anti-monopoly businesses, and it has provided extensive and profound legal services for domestic and foreign clients. As a key business, DOCVIT has developed a sophisticated service system and top tier service content. With deep theoretical foundation and rich practical experiences, DOCVIT’s competition and anti-monopoly business team provides clients with effective solutions by virtue of its superb professional skills in many large-scale competition and anti-monopoly cases.
  • The tax law business of DOCVIT is in a leading position among Chinese law firms. DOCVIT’s tax lawyers team has professional and systematic knowledge of Chinese and international tax laws in respect of tax arrangement and family wealth management services. In addition, they are proficient in corporate law, banking law, foreign investment law, securities law and laws related to real estate and fund, and they also have international law firm working experiences and are specialized in dealing with all kinds of complex tax matters. They have a wide range of influence and good reputation among industries and clients.
Characteristic Service
​The service concept of DOCVIT is to focus on the client's industry and interests, and study perfectly the legal profession and service. We are committed to building "the first law firm in China to practice the professionalization of service field", combining the modularization of legal service with the professionalization of service field and creating a new mode of service.
Publishing Books
  • Deep Application of Limited Partnership in PE of China
    Deep Application of Limited Partnership in PE of China discusses various forms of established legal relations, gives a detailed description of the operation model, mode, law and legal risks in the operation of limited partnership in PE, and boldly discusses the problems existing in practice but not yet studied theoretically. Last but not least, it throws light on the meaning of its existence and the prevention of its legal risks.
  • Insight Into National Equities Exchange and Quotations (NEEQ) 2nd edition
    Insight Into National Equities Exchange and Quotations (NEEQ) is the first professional book on NEEQ, which fills the blank of books on OTC market. Reprinted several times, it has set a new high for practical reference in the industry. Practical and forward-looking, this book helps enterprises, investors, and intermediaries know about "NEEQ", having great reference significance to practical operation. In view of NEEQ expansion, Insight Into National Equities Exchange and Quotations (NEEQ) (2nd edition) had its content comprehensively revised and updated; it thoroughly interprets and reviews NEEQ’s new system of rules, and newly includes a large number of practical cases and experience summary, to describe a variety of capital operation activities on NEEQ market and their influence, highly professional and instructive.
  • Forum on Private Equity and Asset Management in the New Regulatory Era and Release Conference of Legal Health Index of National Private Equity Industry
    In light of the questions and reflections brought about by the new trend of the times and the new changes in the industry, the Green Legal Global Alliance (GLGA), Sina Finance, Beijing DOCVIT Law Firm will jointly host “Forum on Private Equity and Asset Management in the New Regulatory Era and Release Conference of Legal Health Index of National Private Equity Industry” to discuss the above-mentioned issues. At the forum, Legal Health Index of National Private Equity Industry will be released for the first time, so as to comprehensively and objectively reflect the development status of China’s private equity industry, and look into its development trend in the future.
  • Release Conference of Blue Book of Legal Health of China’s Insurance Industry 2018 (Index & Special Reports)
    At present, China’s financial open-up has entered a substantial promotion stage, and as an important link thereof, opening-up of insurance industry plays a unique role in financial opening-up. Under the new opening-up pattern of finance and insurance industry, and in the new situation of pan-asset management and integrated development, it has become an urgent topic to discuss and study how China’s insurance asset management institutions should grasp development opportunities, meet challenges head on, how to promote standardized transformation and sound development of the insurance and insurance asset management industries, and how to achieve innovation and high-quality development in compliance.

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Professional Team
Brand Activity
Over the years, business and brand of DOCVIT have matured and won the "Special Contribution Award of All China Lawyers Association", "Excellent Law Firm in Beijing", "Excellent Law Firm in Chaoyang District", ALB2016 Asia Top Ten Elite Law Firm, 2018 Outstanding Law Firm Award by China Business Law Journal, etc.
Fellow Program
  • 【Fellow Program I】
    With the launch of the "Fellow Program", Docvit hopes to unite with the like-minded lawyers of the country to build a career platform and realize their career dreams together. "Fellow Program I" aims to recruit partners, business partners and executive directors for the Docvit Branch in China.
  • 【Fellow Program II】
    "Fellow Program II" aims to recruit partners and lawyers for Docvit Headquarters and Beijing Office across the country and around the world to become what the industry, Docvit itself, market and clients want.
  • 【Fellow Program III】
    "Fellow Program III" aims to recruit partners for national branches of Docvit nationwide and globally. Docvit's national and global development blueprints require more partners to draw together, and let us work together to create a respectable law firm.
Beijing Docvit Law Firm (Docvit in short), which was established in 2003, is one of the few earliest law firms instituted as a corporation rather than partnership in China. Aimed at building a high quality law firm with professional competence, Docvit fostered innovation under its unique system of operating as a large-scale corporation. Benefited with its core-competitiveness, such as international insights and full IT application management mode, to name some of them, Docvit pursued cross-border development and established an image of high-end brand in a industrialized market. In 2015, Docvit was ushered into a “3.0 era” of moderate-scale development, which witnessed the gradual formation of nation-wide and world-wide layout with the start-up of branch offices in Tianjin, Jinan, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Chengdu, Taiyuan, Hong Kong, London and other places in succession.