Industry Service Manual
  • Insurance Industry Legal Service Product Manual
    With the advent of the pan-asset management era, the extensive application of insurance technology, as well as the continuous strengthening of insurance regulation, it is believed that the insurance industry will usher in broad prospects for development. As a branded law firm with financial capital and large-scale comprehensive project legal business as its core, Docvit's professional insurance legal service team will make the utmost of its professional advantages in the field of insurance legal services, gradually integrate market resources and strengthen team building, to meet new opportunities and challenges, provide more professional, efficient and mature legal services for the insurance industry and promote the standardized development of the insurance industry.
  • Real Estate and Construction Engineering Legal Service Product Manual
    The real estate industry has shifted from rough scale development to refined management, from exogenous resource advantages to enterprise endogenous resource management, and the corresponding demand for legal services has also shifted from simple dispute resolution to enterprise risk control and management support. Docvit will provide a full range of services in the field of real estate and infrastructure law. Our service team will provide you with first-class services of different property types and industries, including primary and secondary land development and construction, urban house demolition, real estate financing, construction engineering, infrastructure and public utility project construction, hotel management and property management, pension, tourism and cultural estate and others. The real estate industry has entered the "silver age". As a specialized company in the real estate legal service industry, Docvit will give full play to its professional advantages and help real estate and construction engineering enterprises to move forward in the midst of storms.
  • International Engineering and the "Belt and Road" Legal Services Product Manual
    We are fully aware of the importance of international engineering and the "Belt and Road" for the development of our country's economy. We know that the international engineering industry is so diverse that it is not the responsibility of one enterprise. Yes, we are a corporate law firm, so we can really achieve team cooperation. We can really: provide legal services to clients with professional support of the firm.
  • Dispute Resolution Legal Services Product Manual
    With the transformation of the economic structure, promotion of the "Belt and Road" strategy, rising of the financial industry and the advancement of science and technology, new features have presented gradually in difficult and complicated commercial cases. Facing with many characteristics of commercial dispute resolution under the economic new normal, the dispute resolution team of Docvit Law Firm has set up a mature dispute resolution mechanism on the basis of years of practice accumulation, to maximize realization of the client's dispute claims.
  • Private Equity Fund Legal Service Product Manual
    With the advent of the pan-asset management era, it is believed that the private equity industry will also have a longer-term development. As a specialized company in the private placement legal service industry, Docvit will give full play to its professional advantages and help the private equity industry move forward in the midst of storms.
  • Company Compliance Legal Services Product Manual
    Docvit is a highly specialized corporate law firm providing comprehensive legal service, with a high degree of profession feature. It is an industry leader in many professional fields such as securities and capital markets, mergers, acquisitions and restructurings and company compliance. Professional service quality is focused on for our compliance business. For the purpose of achieving the goal of providing highly specialized legal services to our clients, Docvit's compliance lawyers are led by a partner with expertise in various professional fields when providing legal services. In the event of trans-disciplinary business, support of other partners and lawyers are always available to ensure that clients are provided with a high level of legal services in compliance areas or in other cross-cutting areas.
  • Sports Industry Legal Service Product Manual
    The government's policy support for the sports industry not only brings a thriving prospect to the sports market, but also puts forward more standards and requirements on legal services in sports fields, sports events, sports intellectual property, sports technology, sports finance and other fields. The sports legal service team of Beijing Docvit Law Firm has been focusing on professional fields such as venue establishment in sports industry, event hosting, intellectual property protection, sports investment and financing, etc., and team-based collaboration mechanism for various cross-disciplinary and cross-industry core and frontier issues has been established to quickly coordinate and arrange different professional team to assist in research. Through division of labor, we work together to share the resources with a view to providing the most professional and deep sports legal service products for our clients.
  • Urban Rail Transit Legal Service Product Manual
    The development of urban rail transit is in a period of rapid development with good economic momentum and good policies, and the intervention of private capital and foreign investment will inject new vitality into the urban development industry. At the same time, in the political and economic environment of "Belt and Road", the urban rail transit industry also shoulders the historical mission of "bringing in" and "going global." These industrial changes put forward higher requirements for legal services. In addition to necessary legal knowledge, Docvit believes that the legal services of the urban rail transit industry also need to have the following characteristics in order to truly provide valuable legal services.

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Fellow Program
  • 【Fellow Program I】
    With the launch of the "Fellow Program", Docvit hopes to unite with the like-minded lawyers of the country to build a career platform and realize their career dreams together. "Fellow Program I" aims to recruit partners, business partners and executive directors for the Docvit Branch in China.
  • 【Fellow Program II】
    "Fellow Program II" aims to recruit partners and lawyers for Docvit Headquarters and Beijing Office across the country and around the world to become what the industry, Docvit itself, market and clients want.
  • 【Fellow Program III】
    "Fellow Program III" aims to recruit partners for national branches of Docvit nationwide and globally. Docvit's national and global development blueprints require more partners to draw together, and let us work together to create a respectable law firm.
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