Liu Guangchao, director of the DOCVIT Law Firm was invited to attend and adressed on 2017 Industrial Economy Frontier Forum

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On April 8, 2017, the 2017 Industrial Economy Frontier Forum hosted by the Department of Industrial Economy, School of Economics, Peking University and Institute of Digital China - Peking University was held successfully in Beijing. Over 200 guests including leaders of related national sectors, famous economists and professors at home and abroad, experts and scholars of finance, law, culture and other fields as well as well-known entrepreneur representatives and industry elites, were invited to attend the ceremony.

Liu Guangchao, director of Beijing DOCVIT Law Firm and secretary general of Green Legal Global Alliance, attended the forum and delivered the keynote speech as the representative of co-organizer, and the speech content is as below:

A lawyer should be the reader of economic operation and the participant of economic rules

Distinguished Academician Tong, Academician Yang, Professor Cao, leaders, teachers and colleagues:

Good afternoon, everybody! I'm very happy to return to alma mater to attend the forum. First, as one of the co-organizers, I, on behalf of Green Legal Global Alliance, express my congratulations to the successful convening of the forum and the establishment of Xiatang Boya Association. I respect and admire that the forum is positioned on "industrial economic development frontier" and focuses on "future economy · future era · future people". It is a topic concerning national development, economic operation, social progress, each of our market subjects and even individuals, which involves considerations from macro, medium and micro levels. A forum like this will surely yield plentiful fruits with a double meaning of theory and practice. It is my great honor to witness the process and listen to the insights of all leaders and experts. Meanwhile, I'd like to pay my respect to the innovations and contributions made by the Institute of Digital China under the guidance of Academician Tong and Academician Yang in cross-border development, smart city and other fields and in such aspects as interaction of colleges and universities with local governments, the fusion of industry and capital, etc.

Green Legal Global Alliance is a cross-border alliance founded with Beijing DOCVIT Law Firm and many other institutions as the major sponsored units, which focuses on the fusion of law with other industries, emphasizes medium view and professional elements, concerns industrial policy and industry pain points. It sets research institute and many sub-alliances and now has over 200 member units. By studying frontier issues, holding theme forum, salon seminars, developing system curriculum, building Internet platform, creating database and so on, we hope and always devote ourselves to building a green and three-dimensional legal ecosphere. We hope to have the opportunity to discuss and cooperate with you all.

I'm a layman in economics and industrial development. Today, I'd like to talk about a few of my simple views and discuss with everyone only from the angle of law and cross-border and from the view of an ordinary public.

The first aspect is about industrial economic development. Besides the consideration of economics, I superficially believe there are some factors we cannot ignore. First is the development trend of global economy; second is the development and change of national governance method; third is the subversion of scientific and technical revolution to industries, and the fourth is strength of law, society, culture and other non-economic factors. All these factors will make a great difference to industry environment, policy, trend and space, etc. We may also need to consider comprehensively when judging frontier trends of industries. It is a big knowledge and we expected enlightened views of everyone to bring inspirations and impacts to us.

The second aspect is about what roles an affiliative platform or a similar institution can play under the big wave of industrial economic development. In my opinion, the first is to become a think-tank platform, the second is to become a research-based platform, the third is to become a communication platform, the fourth is to become a cooperative platform and the fifth is to become an investment-oriented platform, or surely to be the complex of all above. Anyway, in aspects of industry research, industrial development, cross-border discussion, economical participation and so on, affiliative institutions all have a brilliant future. We believe and also expect the Xiatang Boya Association launched by the sponsor surely will set the example in such aspect. Of course, we will also diligently strive on the road of Green Legal Global Alliance. I hope we can have more opportunities to study, discuss and cooperate.

The third aspect is about the relation between law and economy. How to understand the function of law in the process of economic development. It is an interesting topic. Our legal service has a quite close relation with economy and is also deeply influenced by economic development and industrial reform. The education we received tells us that law is the superstructure and industry is the economic base. The economic base determines superstructure while it reacts to economic base. But, we find in practice that the relation between economy and law is not so simple or absolute. The form, angle and degree of its presentation are different as well. But, there's one point we are more and more convinced, that is to say, the law is lagging behind economic development anyway. But a law excessively lagging behind economic development will hinder the development of economy. This is mainly reflected in legislation. The idea and technique of legislation reflect to some extent the gradation and level of the state governing economic society. Besides, lawyers must follow steadily the pace of economic development and continuously make their services industrialized and field-divided. And a lawyer should be the reader of economic operation, the participant of economic rules, the co-creator of business mode, the designer of legal program and the implementor of customer's benefits, to develop non-standard service products, update service system and optimize service mechanism. Only in this way, can we possess the ability to talk with economists and entrepreneurs, the basis for cooperation and the real existence value. I sincerely hope to seek advice from you all and discuss these issues with you all.

At last, I sincerely wish this forum a complete success!

Thank you very much!

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