Docvit News | Mr. LIU Guangchao got shortlisted in the Expert Bank of the First Equity Investment Plan and Insurance Private Equity Fund Evaluation of Insurance Asset Management Association of China, and became an expert both in the in insurance fund creditor's rights and equity investment

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In order to have an excellent performance in the registration of equity investment plan and insurance private equity fund (hereinafter referred to as "equity product") registration, Insurance Asset Management Association of China (hereinafter referred to as the "Insurance Asset Management Association") announced Notice on the Public Collection of Equity Investment Plans and Insurance Private Fund Evaluation Experts on January 31, 2019, which is proposed to set up an expert bank of equity product evaluation, and openly collect evaluation experts from the market, including well-known private equity investment institutions, securities companies and their subsidiaries, law firms, accounting firms, universities, research institutes, government departments, market surveillance agencies or social organizations. It is reported that a total of 388 experts in related fields has signed up for this collection. 

Recently, the Insurance Asset Management Association finally decided to employ 71 experts as members of the first expert bank after comprehensive review and publicity of the selection committee. Mr. LIU Guangchao, the founding partner and director of Beijing Docvit Law Firm, got shortlisted in the expert bank. 

LIU Guangchao was elected as the second expert bank of credit investment plans of the Insurance Asset Management Association in 2018. At the 2018 products registration summary meeting held by the Association, Mr. LIU Guangchao was awarded the title of "Excellent Expert" for his active participation and his outstanding performance in the registration evaluation of the Association. 

Data has it that Liu Guangchao is the only lawyer who is an expert in insurance fund creditor's investment and the equity investment, belonging to the expert both in insurance fund creditor's rights and equity investment. 

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