DOCVIT NEWS | Docvit held a series of meetings to deepen internal management, and the “Green Firm Cloud” system realized a comprehensive upgrade of intelligent information

Source: Beijing DOCVIT Law Firm  Time: 2019-03-14 16:35:18  Author: Beijing DOCVIT Law Firm

Since February 2019, the management committee of Docvit has held several internal management series meetings. The meeting has clearly defined the management objectives of various departments of the law firm, and improved the management systems and management methods of various departments in stages. Systematic, process-oriented operation and intelligent information have been fully integrated with the “Green Firm Cloud” system. At the same time, the "Green Firm Cloud" PC-side instant messaging function will be officially launched on March 15th, and the PC-side and mobile client APP will realize the comprehensive function of the basic functions.

Docvit Law Firm held a series of deep internal management meetings aimed at improving various management systems of various departments, innovating management models, improving management capabilities, and strengthening the scientific, streamlined and systematic degree of management of each department. The internal management meeting was based on the overall work strategy of the firm in 2019, and various management reforms and adjustments were carried out in phases around the core objectives of the firm.

The first phase of the management work conference focused on the combing and stereotypes of the two modules of administration and personnel. During the course of this phase, the above two parts of the work are led by the professional team. By defining the position setting, job responsibilities, authority setting, management process and document template, the administrative and personnel management work has formed a systematic management system and specific measures. At the same time, related systems and processes have completed the information and standard operations in the “Green Firm Cloud” system, simplifying internal management and improving management efficiency.

The second phase of the management work conference focused on the management of the two areas of product promotion and activities. The meeting organized and arranged the Docvit brand activity planning, standard processes, and brand management issues in 2019. Each professional team took the lead in system formulation and implementation of the rules, forming a one-stop service plan and management system for product promotion and activities. .

In the final stage, the focus was on comprehensive restructuring and targeted adjustments to the business management and risk control of the firm.

According to the actual situation of the development of the firm at this stage, the management committee and the business management department take the lead and improve the business management system, basic processes and document specifications of the headquarters and local branches. It also reviews and adjusts the risk control mechanism and various measures of the management in the management, market, brand, products, personnel and other aspects to ensure the steady development of the firm.

The internal management work meetings of the above three stages were all synchronized in the “Green Firm Cloud” system. Systematic, streamlined operation and intelligent information are fully integrated. Headquarters and local branches will carry out various tasks in the “Green Firm Cloud” system.

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Beijing Docvit Law Firm (Docvit in short), which was established in 2003, is one of the few earliest law firms instituted as a corporation rather than partnership in China. Aimed at building a high quality law firm with professional competence, Docvit fostered innovation under its unique system of operating as a large-scale corporation. Benefited with its core-competitiveness, such as international insights and full IT application management mode, to name some of them, Docvit pursued cross-border development and established an image of high-end brand in a industrialized market. In 2015, Docvit was ushered into a “3.0 era” of moderate-scale development, which witnessed the gradual formation of nation-wide and world-wide layout with the start-up of branch offices in Tianjin, Jinan, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Chengdu, Taiyuan, Hong Kong, London and other places in succession.
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Over the years, business and brand of DOCVIT have matured and won the "Special Contribution Award of All China Lawyers Association", "Excellent Law Firm in Beijing", "Excellent Law Firm in Chaoyang District", ALB2016 Asia Top Ten Elite Law Firm, 2018 Outstanding Law Firm Award by China Business Law Journal, etc.