Product Line of Private Equity Dispute Resolution Legal Business


In recent years, as China's private equity industry grows rapidly, private equity plays an increasingly important role in optimizing the capital market structure and supporting the development of entity enterprises. However, due to the intensifying competition in the industry, the frequent occurrence of violation operation, the increased credit risk of some subjects, as well as the absence of previous systems and regulation, under the influence of downward economic pressure, the risks in private equity industry are increasingly prominent, the number of disputes is rising and the focus of disputes also exceeds the traditional category. Private equity disputes are always featured by large amount of funds involved, many parties concerned and complicated legal relations. In addition, as some connection problems between judicial judgment standards and administrative regulation policies exist, there are also disagreement on the internal basic relationship, the nature of the manager's obligations and the loss determination standards of private equity. 

Docvit Law Firm provides all-round and integrated dispute resolution services for the civil, criminal and administrative disputes that may arise from private equity.

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