Insurance Fund Legal Product Line


China's insurance funds investment industry develops with the growth of insurance industry and the application of insurance funds. In 2003, China's first comprehensive insurance asset management company was established, which started the process of marketalization of insurance funds investment. By the end of November 2018, the balance of insurance funds investment had reached 16.03 trillion yuan, accounting for over 13% of the whole pan-asset management industry, signaling that insurance funds investment has become an important part that cannot be ignored on the pan-asset management market. 

Along with the development of the insurance funds investment industry are the risks and challenges that cannot be overlooked, which determines that the legal service of insurance funds investment will develop towards a more professional and efficient direction. As a branded law firm with financial capital and large-scale comprehensive project legal business as its core, Docvit's professional insurance funds investment service team will make the utmost of its professional advantages, gradually integrate market resources and strengthen team building, to provide more professional, efficient and mature legal services for the insurance funds investment industry and promote the standardized development of the insurance funds investment industry.

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